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"Ferrari Racing Days"

Hi to Everyone,

This is the first reportage of an automotive event in my website!

What event? A Ferrari's event well know as "Ferrari Racing Days", furthermore in the same day there was an other event! There was the new "Trofeo Abarth 500"! A crazy race between about thirty 500 Abarth Assetto Corse. Now this crazy "city car" has a power of 190HP for a top speed of 220Km/h! However also the street version of the 500 Abarth is beautiful! In particular, in the paddock of the Monza circuit, there was an incredible tuning 500 Abarth made by "Romeo Ferraris" with the car body in satin aluminium!

But I and other two photographers my friends (Matteo webmaster of www.italiansupercar.net and maTTeo webmaster of  www.swisscarsightings.com ) were not gone to Monza circuit just to see the 500 Abarth! :-D

The goal was to do a photographic reportage to the Historic Challenge (race between amazing historic Ferrari as the F40 Le Mans!) and the Ferrari Challenge (race between F430 Challenge).

The goal has been achieved even if with rain and wind was been difficult to get good photos of action ...But, with the rain, the floor of the paddock had become a beautiful mirror in which Ferrari's car bodies were reflected to exalting the beauty of their perfect lines and the care of the design that always gives and will give deep emotions for current and future generations! :-D

Bye to next

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