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With over ten years of experience in the field of automotive photography, the car photoshoot is the main service offered, with specialization in outdoor photo shoots.

What does the proposed photoshoot consist of? What advantages would you have in relying on me?

Let's see it with some practical examples:

Model: Alfa Romeo Giulietta SS 'Muso Basso' by Bertone (1959)

Alfa Romeo Giulietta SS Muso Basso by Bertone. Photo made in Italy by the automotive photographer Caldicarphoto -1

Needs: The car was auctioned by the owner and the request was to exalt the lines to the maximum and make the value of the car by placing it in a prestigious location.

Solution: Thanks to the collaboration with the owner, a location of absolute value for the photoshoot was found, one of the most beautiful royal palace in Italy. Through my photographs, I used this beautiful background to valorize and increase the perceived value of the car, as an Alfa Romeo of this caliber rightly deserved. In addition to the canonical views (front, back, side, 4/5, etc ...) I sought a raised position to underline with a shoot the roundness of the lines that distinguish and make this car iconic. Others photos are been made for the interiors and several shots of the peculiar details of the car itself such as the characteristic "Coda Tronca" (truncated tail).

Result: The car was sold at the excellent price of € 387,500

Model: Fiat 520 Cabriolet (1927)

Fiat 520 Cabriolet. Photo made in Italy by the automotive photographer Caldicarphoto -1

Needs: The car was kept in a museum and had to be sold. There were no particular indications for the photoshoot, if not to give the right emphasis to a car of almost 100 years old. The limit was the location. The museum was however open to the public and the only place that was at least a little bit spacious was the internal courtyard of the museum itself. This because there was no possibility to move the car outside the museum.

Solution: After a quick study of the location and having agreed with the museum to have the car in the internal courtyard, I decided to isolate this splendid vintage car against a neutral background, making sure that I always have good light conditions. To do this I also helped myself with a powerful external flash and relative large diameter diffuser umbrella to better capture the details. A simple but extremely effective light scheme.

Result: My photographs have reach the goal to well described the car. The 1927 Fiat 520 Cabriolet was sold.

Model: Alfa Romeo Giulietta SS by Bertone (1959)

Alfa Romeo Giulietta SS by Bertone. Photo made in Italy by the automotive photographer Caldicarphoto -1

Needs: The car was from a dealer and had to be sold. Again an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale, but this time the mood to be transmitted with the photoshoot was totally different. In this case it was no longer a car for "Concours d’Elégance", but the aim was to exalt its racing soul.

Solution: The photoshoot developed over two phases:

1. For the interiors and the engine I proceeded with indoor shots with controlled light, in order to obtain studio images capable of highlighting the racing details of the car.

2. For the exteriors a track was initially chosen as the location, a place which would have well exalted the car's racing soul. However, this possibility has become impossible at last moment and a country road has been chosen as new place for the photoshoot. In the photographer's profession, unexpected events are on the agenda and it is more than ever necessary to always be equipped with good problem solving to immediately adapt to new shooting conditions. After the usual static photographs, what could be better than some photographs taken with the panning technique for to give the idea of ​​dynamism and the racing desire?

Result: Car sold.
These are just some examples of photo shoots made, but many others have been made.

Anyway I want to be honest with you who are reading this page, only with excellent photos you will not get the result. Never as in this period has the buying mood changed and a chain of factors is needed to get the most out of a sale.

However, achieving a positive result is greatly facilitated if you have excellent photos.

We are bombarded with images every day, but a good image still makes the difference. A good photo does not just describes a product, but must entice you to buy it. That's why I'm here.

Taking the example of the online promotion of a car, to have excellent shots contribute to:

- Distinguish your product from the competition or at least give a professional image of the product you propose
- More clicks on advertisings
- A big number of people will arrive on the sales page of your product
- You will have more potential buyers
- Your ROI will be greater

The above can similarly be used for whatever medium you want use to capture attention, but in any case good photos will contribute to give a better image of you as a seller and increase the perceived value of the product you offer.

Obviously these are bespoke photographs and as such they have their price.

Book a photoshoot now or request a personalized quote based on your needs. Click here to write to me or send me an email to:

Still in the field of automotive photography, not everything is aimed directly at the sale of the car itself.
📌 Are you a collector and you want a personalized photoshoot of your collection or of a specific car?

📌 Are you an organizer of automotive events and are you looking for a photographer to tell in the better way the event you propose?

📌 Are you a owner who wants to attend an event, but also want some souvenir photos? For example, do you participate in important events such as the 1000Miglia or others similar?

📌 Do you work closely with the automotive world and want an automotive photographer who can help you better promote your products?

📌 Or did you simply find in the "archive" section a nice photo of which you would like a large format print on quality rigid support? So that you can see and review it every day.

Whatever the case, always feel free to contact me by clicking on the button below to find together the solution you are looking for.

To recap:

🚗 How much does a photoshoot cost for a car?

To find out, just request a quote. Visit the Info and Contact page here to contact me, you will be contacted promptly.

🌍 In which regions do you work?

Throughout Italy, Switzerland and Europe. I have no geographical limits. Based in Milan area, Milan and Northern Italy are the geographical areas where I work most frequently.

📸 Do you also offer other types of photographic services related to the automotive world?

Of course, discover all that can offer you, click here or visit the home page by clicking here and do not hesitate to contact me for any photographic request you have in mind.

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Copyright©2007-2022 Simone Caldirola, All Rights Reserved.

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Copyright©2007-2022 Simone Caldirola, All Rights Reserved.
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