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A couple of words about myself…

My name is Simone and I live in north Italy. I have always had one passion…THE SUPERCARS! I was a child and I don't remember well but the first supercar I have seen is probably a blue Bugatti EB110, a really fabulous car! My passion for the supercars increased with the years and became stronger with my first voyage in the city of supercars: Monte-Carlo!

I remember that in Monte-Carlo I made my first photo to a supercar: I photographed a green Aston Martin Vanquish and with this photo born in me the passion of automotive photography! Now I have thousand and thousand of supercars's photos and, when I have the possibility, I go always to manifestations of supercars in Italy and in neighboring countries (Monte-Carlo, of course, including! :-D)

The day  to remember…

When I've had the possibility to see and to do a little travel as passenger on an incredible Pagani Zonda F Clubsport during the 2006 summer! (Go to the section "Video" for to see a small extract of the power of this incredible supercar!)

My equipment…

2x professional Canon DSLR + 8x professional lens + 1x professional  flash lighting system + a couple of tripod and a good number of others  photographic accessories! :)

However this is only as info about what I use for to take my shots, but  it’s known that it's the photographer to take a good picturere and not  the equipment! Certain... If equipment is good this helps so much the  work of photographer! eh eh

My work place…

In digital photography not only the photographic equipment is essential to have good photos, but also other tools are necessary.
First of all a monitor with faithful colors that doesn't change color profile in time.
For this reason I use a professional Asus 32" with W-LED / VA panel and the Spyder5Elite, a colorimeter professional by Datacolor.
I also purchased, choosing every single piece, a powerful computer to run quickly the RAW workflow.

The website…

In these years caldicarphoto has changed graphic and the resolution of photos. It has begun with 1600x1200 pixel, later 1800x1200 pixel, then 3000x2000 pixel, after that every updating has become a reportage with a text and a little number of higly selected photos.
From 2012 caldicarphoto has its official Facebook page and now the standard is 3/4 photos every week in low resolution there, and every quarter all photos put on the Facebook page are uploaded here on website in high resolution, 1800x1200 pixel.
Now the website has a simple structure, user friendly and as always all photos can be saved on your pc/tablet/smartphone without problems for your strictly personal use, for all other uses (editorial, use some of them on your website and so on...) contact me! ;)
As you can see the website is changed in these years, but the goal to share my photographies with a large public of supercars's fans is not changed!

Your car is featured in one of my pictures and you want that I remove it from my website?

No problem at all, you just contact me (read below). When proof the car is really yours will be provided, I will gladly remove the pictures.

Collaborations & Awards

I've had several collaborations both national (with an Italian web magazine and the publication of my shots on some well known paper magazines, furthermore official photographer of important automotive events), that internationals, with my photos shared and posted on various Facebook pages even with millions of subscribers as well as sites / forum American, Canadian, European, Japanese and even Chinese. From 2016 I’ve started a collaboration with one of most famous auctions house. Furthermore I've had also some satisfaction in automotive photographic competitions! :)

Have you need of a photographer for events of supercars or a private photo session?

Take contact with me, I will make the possible to satisfy your request!

Other questions? Please contact me to my e-mail:HERE

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