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"1000Miglia 2009"

Hello to Everybody,

Today I propose to you a small reportage of a classic race: The 1000Miglia.

The 1000Miglia race started for its first time in 1927 with 77 cars. At the beginning 1000Miglia was a race of speed on Italian public roads with a circuit of 1600 Km, 1000 miles, that was Brescia-Roma-Brescia.

In the first edition the winner arrived to Brescia in about  21 hours, with a middle speed of 77.238 Km/h, but the best pilot of ever was Stirling Moss, with his 300 SLR that won the race with a middle speed of 157.650 Km/h in 1955!

With its 24th edition 1000Miglia finished of be a race of speed, because in the 1957 (24th edition) to 40 Km by the end of the race there was a terrible accident in which lost the life the pilot of the car, the co-pilot and 11 people of the public.

However there were 3 next editions (1958-1959-1961) that were a mix between speed and long transfers with legal speed.

In the 1977 start again the 1000Miglia, but as commemorative race, in which every year there are 375 classic cars. The only request is that every car that start the race commemorative of 1000Miglia must have raced one or more times in the historic 1000Miglia.

Now the commemorative 1000miglia is the best travelling automotive museum in the world!

This year I have seen 1000Miglia to Parma, a beautiful Italian's city. In Parma the 1000Miglia was near to the end of its tour, in fact, in the same day, the 1000Miglia has finished its race to Brescia, the same city in which the race was started 2 days before.

The 1000Miglia is a must for all fans of classic cars, because in this race there are cars very rare, as Mercedes 300SLR and other amazing cars!

In this edition of 1000Miglia there was also Mika Hakkinen with the new SLR Stirling Moss, but Hakkinen with his incredible car and David Coulthard with the historic 300 SLR (the same model that gave the victory to Stirling Moss in the 1955)there were not to Parma :-(

However it has been a great automotive manifestation!

You can see all photos of this automotive event on the photo gallery in top of the page ;-)

Bye to next

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