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"Concorso D'Eleganza Villa D'Este 2009"

Hello to Everybody,

Today I would describe to you one of the most wonderful manifestations of automotives: the "Concorso D'Eleganza Villa D'Este", a classic manifestation that this year has celebrated the 80° anniversary from his birth since 1929. It was to Cernobbio, Como lake, Italy and it was structured on three days: The first two days were only for press and car's owners in Villa D'Este, the third day, a Sunday, the Concorso D'Eleganza became  public in Villa D'Erba and for everybody was possible to see one of the most amazing mix between prototypes and very rare classic cars!

This year is been the first for me to this manifestation and it is been incredible!!!

I went with a friend (the great Matteo of Italinsupercar.net) Sunday. We were arrived to Cernobbio very soon and so we have seen a lot of cars of "Concorso D'Eleganza Villa D'Este" on the street between Villa D'Este and Villa D'Erba. Here I have seen probably one of the most beautiful cars of ever: The new Aston Martin One-77!!

This is a very amazing car and to see it on a public street has given to me an incredible emotion! It is not a thing of every days see and hear the engine's sound of a limited edition supercar with a price of 1.1 millions of euro!!! However this car has hit not only my heart, but hearts of everybody and for this reason it has win the prize of the best concept car of manifestation!

But the "One-77" was not the only incredible car that was in Villa D'Erba. There were also five Bugatti Veyron, four of these were "Centenaire Edition"! 1001 HP and with a price around 1.5 million of euro!

Furthermore there was the new prototype of Bertone: The "Mantide".
It is a concept car with a very aggressive car body that reminds in the rear the style of the " Lamborghini Revénton" and in some details, as air vents, reminds the creations of the Italian cars's designer Fioravanti.

However this edition will be reminded especially for the incredible Ghia Gilda Coupe Concpet (built for the 1955 Turin Motor Show in Italy), an astounding car with a gas turbine as engine!!! It will be difficult forget the hissing that only the engine of the Gilda can give! :-D

Now I will not describe all other cars of "Concorso D'Eleganza Villa D'Este" , in which there were classic cars with a value of millions of euro or prototypes as Zagato Perana Z-One and BMW Gina Light Visionary concept with a car body in fabric high-tech!

In the end I think that this is one of those automotive's manifestations that can't be lost for a car enthusiast!

However the next year I hope to have the accreditation for the press not only for the Sunday, but for all three days and enter in Villa D'Este (I hope also less rain…)

Enjoy with the gallery! (about 100 photos! :-D)

Bye to next

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